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Wave & Midi Cartoon's Sound Telephone Answering
  Daily Wave Earth Station
  TV Show Sound Sound America
  Top Midi Midi Farm
  Midi Page Guitar Online
  Free Midi Midi Search
  SuperSong Hit (Thai) Wave Hound
  Midi Index Midi Place
  Play list  



Java Developer Connection: Articles
Java Developer's Page
  free java applets Cube Menu Applet
  A Java Applet for Doodlers Java Programmer's SourceBook
  Wired on Java Java Numerics
  Java Programming Resources Java - Applets - javapowered.com
  The Java Centre Java CodeGuru: Tutorials
  Famous Curves Applet Shlurrrpp......Java learning
  Java Developer's Journa The Java(TM) Boutique:
  JavaWorld - IDG's magazine Java Education
  Java Programmer's SourceBook David Griffiths' Web Site
  Free Java Books JDK 1.2 Documentation
CodeArchive THE SOURCE CODE Site,
Java Lobby Homepage
  Java Applets Java Report magazine
  JavaPro magazine Java Tutorial in UK


Web Design

การสร้าง Home Page ภาษาไทย

แนะนำ JavaScript โดย Voodoo
  Dynamic HTML Resource JavaScript Tutorial
  Dynamic Drive- DHTML Resources Javascripts, javascripts, and more
  Dynamic HTML Manual online [Real's JAVA JAVASCRIPT and PB How-to]
  Dynamic HTML Tools and Resources JavaScript - Past issues of weekly features
  Web Design Resources  Andy's Introductory JavaScript
  Eexperienced Dynamic HTML? Adam's Advanced HTML Guide

Animated GIF of the Day

D.J Quad's Ultimate HTML
  AGAG - Animated Gif Artist Guild CGI & ASP โดยกิตติภูมิ วรฉัตร
  Resource for web builder