Electrical Circuits (AC)

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Q:     A particular experiment requires a beam of light of very stable intensity.  Why would AC voltage be unacceptable for powering the light?

A:    The light emitted by a light bulb is due to heating of the bulb's filament when electric current passes through it.  In order to achieve light emission of high stability.  A constant current is needed.  This cannot be provided by an AC current, since the AC current varies in time.

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Oscillating LC circuit energy transfers
33-1.gif (177 bytes)   and   33-2.gif (164 bytes)

(U = UE + UB)

Differential equation of LC oscillation (with no resistance)

Differential Equation

33-11.gif (259 bytes)

33-12.gif (201 bytes)
Charge amplitude (maximum charge on capacitor) Q
Angular frequency (omega2.gif (834 bytes)) of the oscillations 33-4.gif (183 bytes)
Current (i) of the system 33-13.gif (212 bytes)
Damped oscillations
Differential Equation

33-20.gif (382 bytes)

33-21.gif (267 bytes)


33-22.gif (251 bytes)

For small R, omega2.gif (834 bytes)' approx.gif (53 bytes) omega2.gif (834 bytes) and the maximum energy of the electric field in the capacitor is 33-24.gif (230 bytes)
External alternating emf causing a series RLC circuit to be set into forced oscillations at a driving angular frequency (omega2.gif (834 bytes)d) 33-25.gif (158 bytes)
Current driven in the RLC circuit by the emf 33-26.gif (200 bytes)
Series RLC circuit current amplitude 33-51.gif (675 bytes)
Series RLC circuit phase constant 33-56.gif (239 bytes)
Series RLC circuit impedance (Z) 33-52.gif (274 bytes)
Series RLC circuit current amplitude (rewritten) I = varepsilon.gif (50 bytes) m/Z
Average power (Pav) 33-62.gif (301 bytes)

"rms" stands for root-mean-square.   "rms" quantities are related to maximum quantities by xrms = x /sqrt2.gif (84 bytes)
So Irms = I /sqrt2.gif (84 bytes),   Vrms = V /sqrt2.gif (84 bytes),  and  varepsilon.gif (50 bytes)rms = varepsilon.gif (50 bytes) /sqrt2.gif (84 bytes), and

Transformation of voltage 33-70.gif (217 bytes)
Transformation of currents 33-71.gif (202 bytes)
Equivalent resistance of the secondary circuit in a transformer as seen by the generator 33-73.gif (285 bytes)

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